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speaking coach NYCThe quintessential element of effective marketing is communication. The content of our event marketing, such as panel discussions and presentations, videos and webinars, and blogging and social media, involves a particular art form – that of communicating confidently and effectively.

Taren Sterry is a professional speaker, Communications Coach, and Team-building Coach based in New York City. Those who work with Taren uncover their core genius, revive their personal confidence, and engage others effectively for mutually meaningful conversations at any level.

Taren digs into the risk-taking and humility required to connect with an audience or with those in our work and personal lives. She reminds us of the collaborative nature of communication and the requirement for authenticity, and underscores consistency in working on our skills.

Daniel DiGriz, Director of Digital Strategy at MadPipe, asks Taren about how to be fully expressed in marketing communications, whether the target is a crowd, a cluster, or a small circle gathered around our ideas.

Show Questions Include:

How can someone find the courage to be fully expressed in their marketing?

How can we dig into the core branding for a presentation?

How do we identify the commonalities we share with the audience?

How does one deal with the paralyzing effects of perfectionism?

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