Accept Your “Business” Facebook Friends

Facebook Strategiest for Growth

Should I accept requests from business colleagues to ‘friend’ me on my personal Facebook? Should I redirect them to my business page? Accept the requests. Once they are friends, you can go to your business page and click “invite friends”. If you don’t accept the friendship, you can’t do that. Friendships are high value assets … Read more

Add Microdata to Your Website markup SEO

Can I add microdata markup to my website to take advantage of Google’s sitelinks search box? What is the sitelinks search box? There’s a new Google feature called the “Sitelinks Search Box” that indexes searches on your site so it can present results for those searches in Google. For instance, if people are routinely searching for … Read more

Develop the Theme of Your Blog

blog themes

Today, our question comes from Greer in New York City and it’s ‘How do I establish the theme of my blog’? It’s a great question. The way to do that is to write consistently for 15-25 posts, something like that until you see a pattern emerge. Write what you care about. Write what you’re thinking … Read more

Get Marketing Results Fast

faster results from marketing

How can I get marketing results fast – is there a way besides traditional content marketing? Our question comes from Steve in Santa Monica and the question is ‘What do I do if I need to get results fast. I need clients coming through the door and I don’t want to rely on just blogging, … Read more

Content is Easy When You Focus on Audience

Content marketing

Why does creating content look so easy for some people, but others find it hard? I’m Daniel DiGriz with MadPipe and this is the MadPipe Mailbag.  Now each week MadPipe is opening mail with your marketing questions; this week the question comes from Tonya in Florida, and it’s why do some people make blog writing … Read more

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