Lawyers Can Do Content Marketing

How can an attorney do content marketing and blogging without advertising, giving legal advice, or breaking client privilege?

I’m Daniel DiGriz with MadPipe, and this is the MadPipe Mailbag. Now, each week MadPipe is opening mail with your marketing questions. Today’s question comes from Andrew in New York City, and the question is; as an attorney, what kinds of blog posts can I do and social media content marketing can I do that will keep me out of trouble since, typically, attorneys cannot advertise. They cannot give legal advice and they cannot reveal attorney-client privileged information.

First, you can give informational types of posts. We’re going to have three I’s on this; Information, Inspiration and Insights. So, Informational type posts are posts that just reveal what legal concepts are. Maybe you want to talk about the concept of indemnification but you don’t want to do it in a technical way. Just give us some real world practical insights on why this matters.

Another is Inspirational Post; you know, the law has value and a lot of people think of attorneys sometimes as hey, that’s the person that fixes it when it’s broke or gets my contract to be compliant. But there’s a lot more to the law and it depends on, of course, the law that you practice. There’s all kinds of inspiration that you can draw. I listen to attorneys all the time talk about lessons they’re learned, insights they’ve had. One example is” you fall down on the sidewalk and you think, there’s nothing I can do about it because I can’t afford an attorney and I probably wouldn‘t succeed anyway. My medical bills weren’t that much. So, a personal injury attorney can certainly address that.

A contract attorney for businesses and entity formation might say; a lot of people just look at it as we’ll just get the paperwork nailed down, we’re a startup, we trust each other. But there are all kinds of issues that help make trust easier to have, and also the contract itself constitutes an act of trust. So, there are things you really want to consider when forming an entity, such as an exit strategy and what do you do when you take on investors etc.

Those are great posts so, Information, Inspiration and then Insights. Insights come from just momentary observations you have about people’s understanding of the law. There may be an issue where a person thinks they can’t be sued under certain circumstances. Of course, an attorney can tell you, you can be sued under almost any circumstances. Whether the suit will hold water or get thrown out, or whether you’ll have to fight it or settle it or, that’s another matter. There are all kinds of insights that attorneys can bring, and none of that stuff has to constitute legal advice. You’re talking about defining things, you’re talking about inspiring people, you’re talking about insights about the law itself and you can do that within your field.

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