Develop the Theme of Your Blog

Today, our question comes from Greer in New York City and it’s ‘How do I establish the theme of my blog’?

It’s a great question. The way to do that is to write consistently for 15-25 posts, something like that until you see a pattern emerge.

  • Write what you care about.
  • Write what you’re thinking about.
  • Write what’s on your mind.

Don’t try to compose, don’t try to reach an audience, just write what is working for you right now. And as you see that pattern emerge, that’s the authentic thing that you are going to be able to generate on a consistent basis.

You don’t want to do this because it’s a chore, because it’s work, even because you need clients, even if that’s the reason to get into this. You want to do this because you’re motivated and finding that core motivation, that’s all about seeing the emerging pattern.

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