Accept Your “Business” Facebook Friends

Should I accept requests from business colleagues to ‘friend’ me on my personal Facebook? Should I redirect them to my business page?

Accept the requests. Once they are friends, you can go to your business page and click “invite friends”. If you don’t accept the friendship, you can’t do that. Friendships are high value assets in Facebook.

If you’ve no overriding reason for keeping your personal Facebook profile out of public view, then use it. Profiles travel better than pages and this is your opportunity to take seriously your personal brand and role as thought leader for your business.

These days we are all public figures. We never really get to just ‘turn it off’. Remember, we invented social media not to make it more like e-mail, but because e-mail was limiting in this way. So, if we’re using it, we’re using it to connect with all kinds of relationship circles in our lives.

MadPipe can help you formulate and sustain a strategy for growing your business with all marketing channels – social, e-mail, blogging, events, PR… Reach out, and let’s talk.

Thanks to Anthony in New York for this question.

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