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What is the shortest a blog should be? When is it too long? What is ideal?

I’m Daniel DiGriz with MadPipe and this is the MadPipe Mailbag. Each week MadPipe is opening mail with your marketing questions. Today we have a question from Sherman in Orange County. Sherman asks, what is the ideal length for a blog post?

Well Sherman, there are a couple of sizes of blog posts that are ideal; one is typically between 250 and 450 words; that’s for a piece of inspiration, insight, or information that’s original, fast, and engaging that you want to share with your audience maybe a couple of times a week.

But occasionally, maybe a couple of times a month you want to write a longer post; typically 1500 words or more broken up by some headlines etc. It’s meant to be more thorough, it’s meant to be evergreen content; content that’s referenced more often over the long haul and that tends to get treated, for that reason, better by search engines.

It’s regarded as thick content – substantive content and it gets shared more often, typically, in social media because people regard it as having more value.

So those are a couple of different lengths based on what type of blog posts it is.

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