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How often is too often to post on social media? And should you post the same amount and information on all the platforms you are using?

I’m Daniel DiGriz with MadPipe and this is the MadPipe mailbag. Now, each week MadPipe is opening mail with your marketing questions. Today we have questions from Pam in New Jersey and really it’s a double question, Pam. One is, how often should we post to social media and how often is too often. And the other is; should we post the same content to all our social media venues?

So let me just take those in order.

How often is too often? Well it depends on the venue. So, with Twitter you can post many times a day even up to every ten minutes. Of course you have to have that content but part of that is having a content strategy. With Facebook you don’t want to do that, maybe a couple of times a day. With LinkedIn, more like, a couple of times a week and of course it goes on from there whether it’s Pinterest or YouTube or what-have-you.

Now in terms of posting the same content; while there are times when you can, you first want to think about who your audience is in each venue. So there’s a difference between the user base of Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook, for instance. But there’s also the potential that your business has built up a different user base there. So for instance, if your LinkedIn consists of mostly people in your professional network who are, sort of, suit and tie types, they’re going to be a different than maybe some of your Mom and Pops that populate your Facebook audience.

If you have a piece of content like an article etc., you can excerpt that. If the article is applicable to all those audiences, you can excerpt that across all three or four or five social networks or eight or however many you are using. You just do it differently; in Twitter it’s 140 characters, in Facebook you might want to have a little bit longer material, etc. Then lead it with a custom intro and then if the content is made custom for each social network you do really want to think about the audience.

So, on LinkedIn, you things of a more professional concern, and those can still be very much directed to the same kinds of problems that people in your Facebook audience are trying to solve but they just have a different tone. Then your Facebook content can be more personal and fun and entertainment based, a little bit more inspirational, a little bit more insightful, a little bit more touchy feely, if you want to say it that way. In Twitter you know, these are short snippets so you just need to have a point in a short spot, and volume really matters because the Twitter stream keeps moving and moving and moving.

So one key tip I’ll throw in to kind of answer this question is that you can use a scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to set it up to post different content to each channel on a schedule and a different number of times per day or per week etc.

Thanks Pam for those questions.

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