Content is Easy When You Focus on Audience

Why does creating content look so easy for some people, but others find it hard?

I’m Daniel DiGriz with MadPipe and this is the MadPipe Mailbag.  Now each week MadPipe is opening mail with your marketing questions; this week the question comes from Tonya in Florida, and it’s why do some people make blog writing seem so easy. In other words, why does it look easy for some people and not for others?

So, it’s all about relaxing – getting out our normal head space where we’re uncomfortable with what we’re doing, and we’re treating it as a chore, etc. How do we do that?

I’m going to balance two concepts:

One is the concept of the imaginary audience. Now we all carry this imaginary audience around in our heads to a certain degree. We did it more when we were adolescents. It’s this belief that people are paying too much attention to what we’re doing, and so we have to be careful. It’s part of the root of our fear of public speaking. It’s part of the reason we compose when we’re trying to make an impression on somebody, and it actually messes up our marketing.

The other is the imagined audience. An imagined audience is the audience that we envision or we visualize and project, that we’re talking to, and that can be a really useful construct. So, when you’re writing a blog post, the simplest way to do it is imagine somebody that you are relaxed talking with. It could be a friend, it could be a client that just loves you, it could be just some member of your audience that you could just talk comfortably with all day.

If you can’t image your audience, try to get out of the blog engine itself and start writing into your email software, as though you were going to send an email to this person. Do it in your word processor; however you want to do it to, but get away from this notion that you’re composing for an audience or especially for an imaginary audience that isn’t going to actually react as critically as you may think. That will help you relax and deal with your imagined audience. This is just a way of visualizing (and writing to) somebody real and authentic who is warm and embracing and loves your stuff.

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