Balance Self-Promotion With Other Content Types

How much should we talk about ourselves in our content marketing?

I’m Daniel DiGriz with MadPipe and this is the MadPipe Mailbag. Each week MadPipe is opening mail with your marketing questions. Today we have a question from Ed in New York City and the question is where to draw the line between content and marketing. So another way to ask that question, Ed, is how much should we talk about ourselves.

So, what I’d like to do is advise you break down your content by the 90-10 rule, 90% is not about us, 10% of the time you get to mention yourself. So that 90% seems like a lot. How do we break that down?

So maybe, 30% of our content that we’re putting out in our blogs or videos etc., should really get inside the head of our audience. Think about what their questions are, the barriers they have, the problems they’re trying to overcome, the misconceptions they may have; get the questions that are on their minds and address those.

Another 30% can be about the world at large – not necessarily news jacking which can kind of get old because we already have news sources, we can turn to the Huffington Post or the New York Times. But maybe commentary on the news, observations about what’s happening in the world at large that apply to your audience. That can be insights, information, inspiration, but it’s driven by what they’re thinking about, what’s relevant to them; relevance is everything.

Another 30% can actually be about your services and products as long as you’re not pitching. You don’t want to go into long details about why you need to buy this or that. Of course, you’re going to have a call to action in the end. But what you’re looking for is to talk about how to better use certain services or certain products; how to get more out of them, how to compare them, how to make decisions about them etc.

So that’s about 90% of your content and the other 10% of your content you really can talk about yourself. You can do a day in the life of somebody in your profession; we often long to get an inside look. You can feature speaking engagements and events you have going on, insights that occur in the course of conducting your business or funny stories that happen along the way, as well as just news about your company; you can keep that down to about 10%.

The truth is most of the time we want to hear about ourselves, not about the person doing the talking. So just keep in mind it’s all content, it’s all marketing, but break it down to about 90-10.

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