Marketing Campaigns Core Messages. Multiple Channels. Effective Frequency.

"If you shouted 'fire' in a crowded theater, chances are you would't be heard the first time or taken seriously the second. It's only when you keep doing it that the message is received and believed." - Daniel DiGriz

Marketing on a Campaign Footing

What you say a lot shapes a person's thought.


You've got a compelling brand story, but you need to turn it into unified sales & marketing campaigns that last all year. You want the pilot to become the episodic series.


You can tell a good story, but telling it more than once, a dozen times in a quarter, is a challenge. How do you maintain the balance of a clear point and a specific ask?


Let's take the premise of your brand narrative, and the goal of your current sales push, and riff on it across multiple topics for a multi-month campaign.


It takes repetition to get an overall, big picture idea across—up to 20 repetitions. That's the "effective frequency" of the message. So let's run campaigns of up to 20 cycles that drive the idea home.

Most messages ends up as a single blog post or one piece of sales collateral. That's a FAIL from the standpoint of ordinary human frailty. The number of times someone has to see or hear a message, perhaps in different ways, before it is fully absorbed and actionable varies based on context. Varying shorthand numbers exist: 3, 7, 20. But the rule is simple in that it's usually more than once and is different for everyone. MadPipe is going to do a lot better getting your sales argument across through long-term campaigns than one-offs emails, etc.

Managed Hosting Company (B2B)

Managed Hosting Company (B2B) "Worry Free Growth" Campaign

Brand Campaign Example: First 4 Weeks

Scalable Performance

🕓Jan 13

Managed Security

🕓Jan 20

Control Panel Heaven

🕓Jan 27

Launch Faster

🕓Feb 3

Conference Host for Business (B2B)

Conference Host for Business (B2B) "Seamless Collaboration" Campaign

Sales Campaign Example: First 2 Months

One Consistent Experience

🕓Sep 30

Mixed Teams w/o Friction

🕓Oct 14

Distributed Staff Realities

🕓Oct 28

Scalability as a Value

🕓Nov 11

Document Service (B2B/B2C)

Document Service (B2B/B2C) "Paperless Forever" Campaign

SEO Campaign Example: First 4 Months

Paperless = Secure

🕓June 3

Paperless = Organized

🕓July 1

Paperless = Accurate

🕓Aug 5

Paperless = Prepared

🕓Sep 2

Count to ten,

then play it again.

Analogy for the effective frequency of marketing messages.

Your "Play it again, Sam." beats their "Wham bam, thank you ma'am."

Success is Seeing the Needle Move!

And everything else is codswallop.

Eyeballs on content (awareness of our brand)
New leads (engagement with our content)
Sold customers (revenue increase)

You can only improve

what you can prove.

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