Marketing Satisfaction is directly correlated to measurable results.

"Cash is for closers. Whiskey's for winners." - Daniel DiGriz

Marketing Department

Work where you're best; outsource the rest.


You're good—really good at what you do. Maybe the best in the industry. You want marketing to support the act of selling & increasing revenue, but it's not your core competency. Or you'd be us.


Most marketing is half-measures. A newsletter, a little social, that video from years ago, a press release posted online. Too often it's spread thin, not strategic, & no one's going for the bottom line.


Instead of hiring a whole team of experts in each marketing channel, you'll add a single point of coordination & contact that does the heavy lifting, so MadPipe can get you back to selling what you sell.


Focus on your core competencies, because the company needs that to drive revenue. The lesson of modern supply chain is don’t try to do everything in-house. There's no reason to devote overhead to having everything under one roof.

"The Crew"

(MadPipe Commercial)

Every distraction

keeps you from action.

MadPipe is Your Marketing Department

Building the Strategy

MadPipe turns your business goals into a marketing strategy that targets your critical audience with your core value propositions.

Evolving the Tactics

MadPipe utilizes result metrics tied to YOUR desired results to measure audience response and adjust the marketing strategy and implementation during execution.

Leading the Team

MadPipe puts together the dream team for your critical marketing channels, onboard the roles you've already got, and provide the core leadership for carrying out campaigns!

You Will See the Needle Move

An honest, transparent conversation about the numbers is critical to driving your marketing strategy. MadPipe provides 24/7 access to the analytics. And the measured KPIs won't be pats on the back, warm fuzzies, and fluff. MadPipe configures metrics tracking to correspond to your actual business goals. Conversions and ROI are mission imperative. 

Stop putting off real growth.

Brand Reach
Influence and Authority
Audience Engagement
Soft Conversions
Hard Conversions

Use Cases

For all of these, MadPipe has you covered.

You have sales but no marketing to speak of.

Bring in a ringer to rally your team around a compelling message that reaches a willing audience.

You have marketing, but it's not hitting your goals.

Align marketing campaigns with your goals as stakeholder. Focus activity on the outcomes you want. 

You're building a website. It should be a marketing platform.

Bring in a pro who speaks your developers' language to insist on specs and components that maximize engagement.

You've got a website. Now what?

A website alone won't generate an audience. Go beyond collateral to active marketing campaigns that align your goals with outcomes.

You've got a brand and want to create raving fans.

MadPipe creates ecologies of opportunity from your brand narrative and corporate story.

You've got likes. You want people involved in your mission.

Motivate people to engage by fueling their internal aspirations and existing desires. It's the story that drives us, Neo.

You need an outsourced CMO to lead the charge.

Zero in on areas that languish (technology, learner interaction) and make an impact that thrills learners and wins you support.

You have a CMO. You need an outsourced creative director.

Generate action. Go from concept to execution, without unnecessary steps or endless preparatory research. Action provides all the data to continuously improve the program.

Marketing Leadership

Hire the best. We'll get our own desk.


Most marketing leadership is about choosing the mix of outsource vs. freelancers & overseeing budget. You don't want to increase that overhead; but you need someone to lead campaigns & implementation.


Adding another executive salary (with bonuses & parking space) doesn't get you there, because it drains funds from implementation. And you're not going to hire + manage a whole new team in-house.


The solution is fractional leadership. MadPipe conducts your orchestra of opportunities, from campaign development to deployment. MadPipe is the General. If you've got a General, MadPipe is the Colonel or drill sergeant.


This is about hitting goals. MadPipe can manage budget & coordinate with the revenue side of the company to set goals, too, if you want. MadPipe is very good at that. But if that part is handled, you still want someone to take the hill for you.

We all need a colonel

who will work external.

MadPipe Conducts Your Orchestra of Opportunities

Project-based or ongoing leadership.

MadPipe Conducts the Orchestra of Opportunities

Start Hitting Your Marketing Goals


You paint a target on it. MadPipe gets it for you.

Calculate The Opportunity Costs of Alternatives



Markup to cover opaque marketing agency overhead costs for administering a team that isn't modular and may not 'get' you. And if you stop, your marketing drops to zero.



Energy spent on cultivation and supervision when you hire (and replace) freelancers who are often unaccustomed to collaborating with a sales team or implementing a unified strategy.

Traditional Exec


Overhead for an additional traditional, full-time marketing executive who mainly exists to allocate your budget 80/20 to those same agencies & freelancers. Salary for time at desk.



Loss of focus and productivity if you take your eye off of operations and do it yourself or run your own marketing department in-house. Or anything else that's not your core competency.

MadPipe's recipe for increased ROI combines fractional leadership, a modular team, a focus on revenue goals and metrics, & earning audience share with your brand story.

You're Seriously Still Waiting?

Brand Evangelism

A brand doesn't have a cause. A brand IS a cause.


Marketing is expensive, but especially when it's not well-supported by the company as a whole. We simply can't afford our brand story to sit in a silo or be locked up in one department. We want everyone onboard.


Most teams outside marketing don't know how to help, aren't being asked in a way they relate to, can't identify how the brand mission plugs into company culture or realize their crucial role in driving it.


People pitch in where the ask aligns with their own intrinsic motivations and aspirations for achieving personal goals and shaping the world around them. That alone, not "you have to", gets them onboard.


"Organizations succeed by producing a single brand narrative, carrying the same messages throughout the organization AND externally to the market. They fail when they don't produce an end-to-end experience."

Company Culture NYC

Your Culture

is a product.

product narrative

Your Product

is a culture.

Make the Information Silo

your Battle of Shiloh. (win it)

Brand Advocacy and Evangelism

"Our mission is the change we want to bring about in the market and why that matters in the world."


Connect your audience to an aspirational narrative that motivates the team as well as end-users and is reflected in each department and practice area.

MadPipe codifies the organizational narrative–the brand story. That forms the basis of the implementation plan and strategic forecast. Contact MadPipe.


Assemble your Magnificent Seven, "A-Team", or Dirty Dozen. Each knows their job, keeps their head in the game, and does what they say when they say.

MadPipe assembles an optimal team around the plan and leads implementation in alignment with stakeholder goals and accountability for objective deliverables. Contact MadPipe.


No more business as usual. Align your firm end to end with brand goals, so the entire organization pursues outcomes that produce revenue or results.

MadPipe’s team produces the end-results the program requires. The plan and narrative are adjusted and the process continually refined as the group learns from actual execution. Contact MadPipe.

"Organizations succeed by producing a single brand narrative, carrying the same messages throughout the organization AND externally to the market. They fail when they don't produce an end-to-end experience." – Daniel DiGriz

Success is Seeing the Needle Move!

And everything else is codswallop.

Eyeballs on content (awareness of our brand)
New leads (engagement with our content)
Sold customers (revenue increase)

You can only improve

what you can prove.

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