3 Ways to Generate Leads with Content Marketing


Here’s a surprising reality: About 65% of visitors to your homepage aren’t ready to make a decision. You’ve got to keep them engaged for them to engage you, or you’ll never even know they exist.

Implement an Effective Content Marketing Strategy.

The key to modern Internet marketing strategy is generating content. Content marketing, the practice of strategically creating and sharing useful content, is a sure-fire way to raise your online profile, but it may not be immediately clear how it generates leads for your business. Here’s how it works.

lead generation with content marketing - how to generate leads

  1. Post Blogs & Videos: Content goes into your primary marketing channels – that’s your company blogs and your video channels such as YouTube. These are your main consoles for content production.
  2. Share & Repurpose: Repurpose your content in your secondary channels – that’s social venues like Facebook and Twitter, as well as email blasts and newsletters. In other words, share your content where people already are.
  3. Enlist Fans to Share: Invite others to share your content. By liking your posts on Facebook and re-tweeting your tweets on Twitter, your contacts share your content with everyone in their network. That extended network in turn shares with more people, and soon your content snowballs into viral fame.
  4. Grow Your Authority: As more and more people see and share your content, you establish your authority as an industry leader. When someone consumers your content repeatedly, you gain their attention, their trust, and eventually their business.
  5. Rinse and Repeat: Your first few rounds will likely be a learning experience, and not gain a lot of attention. Content marketing is a process you commit to, that involves consistency, frequency, and involvement over the long term. Take the long view, like Warren Buffet, and you’ll grow your reputation, credibility, and authority through simply not quitting.

Cultivate Leads and Referrals from Multiple Sources.

  • Search engine clicks come from all your channels that Google can sniff out, like YouTube and your blog.
  • Social referrals come from your social media sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • People find you in plenty of other venue channels, including review sites like Yelp, events and giveaways that you host online, pay per click ads, and article syndication.

About sixty five percent of visitors to your homepage are not ready to make a decision, and you’ll never even know they exist, unless you keep them engaged.

Gear Up Your Resolve and Emotional Resources.

The flow of leads is based on content flow; you get from it what you put into it. To get the most out of your content strategy, you’ll need:

  • commitment: long-term dedication to content generation. One flurry of posts isn’t going to cut it; you’re in it for the long haul.
  • consistency: frequent content generation. Once in a blue moon isn’t enough to see the results you’re looking for.
  • Integrity: generating original content that comes from your experience. Lifting from other sources won’t earn you much attention, and will likely incur a Google penalty for duplication.

Creating content creates leads. So start creating, connecting, and sharing to give your business a fresh stream of leads!

To get help creating and implementing an effective content marketing strategy, contact us now for a fast response.

Our copy was wordsmithed by our talented friends at MarketSmiths.

Daniel DiGriz

Daniel DiGriz is a corporate storyteller and Digital Ecologist® at MadPipe, which provides creative direction, marketing leadership, and campaign direction for firms that want a stronger connection with their audience. A Digital Ecologist® applies strategic principles from both natural and digital ecologies to help organizations thrive across multiple ecosystems. Daniel hosts podcasts, speaks at conferences, and his ideas have appeared in Inc, SmartBlog, MediaPost, Forbes, and Success Magazine.

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