Boost SEO with Keyword Rich Domains vs. Vanity Domains

Increase Your Search Value with a Keyword Rich Domain Name

If your “dot com” includes a personal or company name, like or, that’s called a vanity domain. It’s like a vanity license plate, and it brands your company. But for search engines, it’s mostly only helpful in searches for your actual BUSINESS NAME. In other words, for people who already KNOW about you, NOT for new clients looking for services in your area.

If your domain name includes BOTH a place name & an industry key word, that’s a keyword rich domain name that is probably more search engine friendly. A keyword rich domain describes both WHAT you do and WHERE you do it. For example: or Search engines like Google tend to reward keyword rich domain names with faster and better ranking, specially for your LOCAL market. Vanity domains are far less helpful by comparison.

If you already have a web site and a domain, that’s great – it’s actually really SMART to have more than one. To improve SEARCHES, help OWN a local area, & BEAT your competition, get a 3 or 4 word domain name that is rich in local and industry key words. As with any marketing effort: if it helps increase your business by EVEN 3 new clients per month, it’s probably worth doing.

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Daniel DiGriz

Daniel DiGriz is a corporate storyteller and Digital Ecologist® at MadPipe, which provides creative direction, marketing leadership, and campaign direction for firms that want a stronger connection with their audience. A Digital Ecologist® applies strategic principles from both natural and digital ecologies to help organizations thrive across multiple ecosystems. Daniel hosts podcasts, speaks at conferences, and his ideas have appeared in Inc, SmartBlog, MediaPost, Forbes, and Success Magazine.
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