Momentology Cites MadPipe on Superbowl 2015

Momentology included remarks by Daniel DiGriz about Newcastle beer’s courageous penetration of the sponsorship lockdown around Superbowl 2015. When the big guys have it all sewn up in back rooms, and you’re locked out, you can still stage an ambush:

For his part, Daniel DiGriz, president of digital marketing strategy firm MadPipe, notes ambush campaigns appeal to younger crowds. In other words, whereas Boomers respond to authoritative reviews and endorsements, Millennials are much more interested in peer reviews and “what is social, hip, trending and current.”

What’s more, DiGriz agrees the Newcastle campaign is “likely to engage a whole new generation that other competing brands are missing out on and I think it will be really popular among a wide variety of generations.”

Note: Momentology now forwards to LinkDex, an SEO company who seems to have bought the content. We don’t know what that’s about.

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