43 Non-journalist Videos Document Relative Roles of Marchers, Looters, Police, Militias & Bystanders

BEFORE PROTESTS This happened in L.A (Boyle Heights) 3 weeks ago these two cops needs to be held accountable this Latino brotha didn’t deserve this #BrownLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #LAPD #retribution #AllLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/wI7kIz9VWo — Power Play Sports News Chris Jones (@chrisjsports1) May 28, 2020 THE PROTESTS America the beautiful…pic.twitter.com/w2ctAmv1pQ — Billy Baldwin (@BillyBaldwin) June 8, 2020 YANKS … Read more

How to Do Visual Storytelling That Doesn’t Suck: Cisco, Zendesk, Kinaxis

For visual storytelling to work, you need buy in from the suits on the emotional content.

So you want to do visual storytelling. First, let’s clarify that it’s not synonymous with video, social images, interactive web pages, or advertising… though it’s often presented that way and used for all of those. Visual storytelling can occur in any medium or marketing channel that permits visual components. Second, let’s clarify the most important … Read more

Killer About Pages: Mailchimp, Godaddy, CTSI-Global, Clark Hulings Fund

11 About Page Examples

Most “About Us” pages are either a wall of text sandwiched between a header and footer, or a kitchen-sink of overflowing but disconnected bits of information: Our Team, Our History, Our Services, Our Whatever. The following brands don’t roll that way. Their strong About pages make us want more. Here’s how and why they achieve … Read more

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