Step Out of Your Industry to Market to Your Industry

marketing leadership

Cross-Channel Marketing is Most Effective with Cross-Industry Insights A lot of companies are convinced they need to mimic what’s already being done in their own industry. Their strategy is to look around and see what competitors are doing, and do that, with slight variations. Unfortunately, this so limits their thinking, that there’s a law of … Read more

4 Reasons You Need a Digital Marketing Plan

marketing leadership

A lot of companies have a haphazard way of approaching their marketing. They dabble a little in this, and try out a little of that. As a result, almost nothing they do is extremely effective. To get serious, they need to start with a well-structured, strategic marketing plan. The premise of a Digital Marketing Plan … Read more

10 Parts of a Web Site Audit

marketing leadership

Before you lift a finger overhauling your website, get an audit to avoid wasted effort and money, and a site that won’t do what you want. A web site is a marketing platform – it should exist to support your overall marketing plan. Here is a checklist of ten things you want to include in … Read more

3 Components of Great Market Differentiators

marketing leadership

Differentiators are those pieces of content that distinguish you truthfully and effectively from competition. They’re used in various marketing channels to help potential clients make optimal choices. Sometimes they’re called UVP (Unique Value Propositions). Three things make them awesome vs. limp and lame: Differentiators have to be specific or tangible Fluffy generalities typify ineffective differentiators. … Read more

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