The Process In the Broad Strokes

"The visionary goal is the path to the new reality." - Daniel DiGriz

Process Solves Everything

But inventing a process wastes time.


Most creative processes are proprietary, arcane, or counterintuitive. You have to jump through hoops without assurance you're going to arrive at your goals.


The most obvious process is the least efficient-do everything in stages (plan, analyze, build, test, deploy) and don't move to a new stage until you're all the way done with the previous one.


MadPipe uses an open source (agile) process, taking the shortest path to value. You don't even have to be fully aware of it-you're free to focus on outcomes. 


It's simple: be extremely clear on goals, each party is accountable to deliver their part, and focus on execution, so we can win (winning isn't a theory). Plan and execute in tandem if at all possible.

Efficiency comes down to math.

Always take the most obvious path.

This is How It Might Work

There's no "one size fits all" template for YOUR business.
But now you have a co-pilot on growth, brand, product, & data.

Plan the Revenue / Sales Goals

Revenue drives. Sales provides the insights and targets. Marketing does not get its own silo.

Craft Company Messaging

MadPipe builds your brand story based on competitive landscape, customer feedback, product roadmap, & sales insights.

Create Sales Collateral

MadPipe guides content & creation: from website pages to sales sheets & presentation decks.

Launch Multi-Channel Campaigns

MadPipe picks channels & content that are dictated by sales goals, company messaging, & available collateral.

Rally Company Around Campaign

Campaigns need support inside the company to succeed. MadPipe gets your whole team onboard.

Offer Training
as Needed

Often, MadPipe can augment existing skills-e.g. equip the existing sales team with Social Selling training.

Continually Improve Metrics

MadPipe produces analytics that show where the important needles are moving, and what the numbers mean for the bottom line.

Collaborate with Sales to Hit Goals

MadPipe extracts insights from sales conversations, & updates the campaign program accordingly.

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