Sales Support Better Collateral & Messaging, Stronger Insights, More Closed Deals

"Sales support is a senior role—it's more brains, ingenuity, and know-how." - Daniel DiGriz

Why Get Your Salespeople a Copilot

The pipeline is a straight line to the dotted line.


The salesperson always has the sales pipeline in mind, but the rest of the company doesn’t, so s/he's alone in taking on prospects.


That’s fine, unless you’re up against competitors with more budget & resources. But the best salespeople continually hone their game, and they can't do it alone.


A copilot extracts insights from the pipeline, brainstorms solutions to hurdles, and crafts messaging to help the pitch, so the lead salesperson can close the deal.


Your sales team gains an edge, because the copilot can ride along on calls, order up collateral and assets as needed, provide a second set of eyes, and rally the team around challenging RFPs.

Call in a ringer. You're adding someone to your sales team with a solid grasp of business, selling, messaging, marketing, and bottom line goals. That mix amplifies the efforts of every member.

You can't hone

anything alone.

Sales Support with Better Messaging

To win consistently, a sales team doing the hard work on the ground needs solid air support.

Success is Seeing the Needle Move!

And everything else is codswallop.

Eyeballs on content (awareness of our brand)
New leads (engagement with our content)
Sold customers (revenue increase)

You can only improve

what you can prove.

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