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"Automated audits read like they're written for automatons." - Daniel DiGriz

Why a SWOT-based Website Audit

You want a "SWaudit" before you've bought it.


Your website is OK, but it’s not winning awards in the form of audience engagement and steady leads.


You might need an overhaul, but you're guessing at what will help. You could hurt your search profile or throw out the baby with the bathwater.


Better audits add context: things to keep, opportunities to evolve, openings left by your competition, and strategies to maximize gains.


A website should be a lead engine that can sustain you through at least several years of thoughtful sales & marketing campaigns.

A website SWaudit™ is a detailed analysis of your website for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & competitor Threats. It utilizes UX, SEO, Content Strategy, and SWOT Analysis.


  • Our domain is well aged
  • Brand has high association with the industry
  • Customers / testimonials are enthusiastic
  • We have a lot of older content
  • We have a big email list fed by the site

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  • Inconsistent branding
  • No ongoing program of fresh content
  • Some useless content & obsolete media
  • Content is often not useful to our end-users
  • Case studies reflect least profitable product line

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  • Our competitors' content is typically generic
  • Their ongoing content strategy is visibly weak
  • They've dropped multiple balls on SEO
  • We have many unexploited case studies
  • We have a solid brand story to guide campaigns
  • Our UX is typically smoother that competitors
  • We have a content & campaign budget


  • Top 3 competitors have content program
  • Top 2 competitors have active on-page SEO
  • Top 1 competitor has aggressive off-page SEO
  • Top 3 competitors have aged content
  • Top 1 competitor has 900% more client assets

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Client Example

You know you need this.

Get a SWaudit for your site,

and build it right.

website audit readable by person in English

An automated tool can't sift through what's important for you versus important for some 'template' that isn't you.

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