Terms of Service

Use of any of MadPipe services, including this website and any MadPipe-owned media constitutes agreement to the following terms. If you do not agree to the terms, do not use MadPipe’s services or media.

  1. Payments. All invoicing and recurring payment are electronic, in advance, and non-refundable. This is to keep our financial transaction and collection costs as low as possible, and so keep our rates down.
  2. Refund Policy. The services we provide cannot be un-performed, and therefore there are no refunds on any services or packages under any circumstances. Our preliminary project analysis may include business profiling, competitive research, infrastructure creation and on-boarding, and sub-process specification development. Once a professional is engaged and project processes have begun, there can be no refund, even if no other changes have yet taken place. If you elect to leave your line of work, go with a different site platform, change directions on your business, or find you cannot deliver your client-side project deliverables, understand that no refunds can be issued.
  3. Extras. any services not expressly and specifically included in any agreement may carry an additional fee if requested by the client. No additional fee will be charged for additional services not requested by the client. However, extras would need to be paid in advance of the work, and said fees are non-refundable.
  4. Consulting. Requests for advice, opinions, or analysis by e-mail or phone are always regarded as requests for billable activity. If you ask us to think about a problem, make a recommendation, offer alternatives, etc., then that is billable activity. This is the only way a consultant gets to eat. Even small requests will fall under some kind of minimum. Also, if you revoke a request, we may have already performed it, so that service cannot be refunded.
  5. Billable Increments. Minimum billable increments are 30minutes by web and one hour by phone (for a 50min appointment). Client no-shows are billable. We need 24hrs advance notice of appointment cancellation to avoid billing for an appointment.
  6. Unused Assets. If for some reason you don’t want or prefer not to use some portion of an engagement (analytics, a consulting call, etc), we cannot discount the service.
  7. Quality Control. All business calls are recorded for quality control purposes. If you do not agree with that, do not engage in a business call with MadPipe or its talent. Any call information relevant to a client may be provided to the client at MadPipe’s discretion. Any call information provided by another party to a client may be clarified by provision of a complete or partial transcript or recording of the call by MadPipe to the client, at MadPipe’s discretion.
  8. Confidentiality. Aside from the aforementioned case of quality control, agreement to these terms includes agreement to confidentiality. You will not reveal MadPipe’s proprietary business information to other parties without express written permission from MadPipe. This includes our pricing arrangements or pricing for your project, and our business processes.
  9. Posting. Posting of these terms as available information by link in the footer of MadPipe’s website is sufficient notice of said terms.

These terms may be superseded only by stipulations in a mutually agreed contract for services or by applicable governmental laws. The governing state law for purposes of adjudicating these terms of service will be the laws of the state of Wyoming, irregardless of the state in which the user of MadPipe’s services or media is domiciled or in which the use occurs.

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