Website Audit Technical and SEO Audit for the Non-Technical

"If a doctor handed you an x-ray and walked off, you'd be pissed." - Daniel DiGriz

Why Get a MadPipe Website Audit

No satisfaction if it's not an action.


Your website looks great, but it's not performing like it could. How do you know? A great business, highly competitive, slimmer than expected client response—especially from search engine visitors.


Most website audits are cryptic, kitchen-sync affairs that are not actionable. Run by automated tools with a massive upcharge by a consultant who hands you a book full of warnings or checkmarks with "there you go!"


Get a human-generated, human audit with an action item list at the top that PRIORITIZES exactly what to do. "Do this. Then that. Then that. And this is one is very important."


We will WRITE the audit. There WILL be a "Detail" section that explains everything for reference and has some lower priority items. The big stuff? Expect one or two pages right at the top!

Their "Audit"

Website Audit

MadPipe Audit

MadPipe - Everything Flows to Your Door
Hand-crafted Audit

Your Action Items

Highest Priority Items | Lowest Hanging Fruit

☐ Optimize your images (in bulk) using this tool. [screenshot]

☐ Turn on this feature to see search engine info for every page & post. [screenshot]

☐ Fill in the missing tags on your images and posts. [screenshot]

☐ Optimize your images (in bulk) using this tool. Advice for good tags here: [details]

☐ Fix duplicate tags (choose different ones where these are identical). [screenshot]

☐ Reduce the number of administrators (security risk). Here's your user list: [screenshot]

☐ Create a privacy policy and tell the website it exists (here): [screenshot]

☐ Increase the memory limit. Give your hosting company this information: [details]

☐ Fix this schema setting. Just go click "start" and don't select "product". [screenshot]

☐ Create a 'mega-footer' or ask your webmaster to (we mocked one up here): [screenshot]

☐ Put more content (writing/words) on some pages. Here's the list with wordcounts: [details]

☐ Get rid of this animated icon—it's freaking out Google and hurting your score. [details]

☐ Add a search icon to your top menu. Tell your webmaster: [screenshot]

Note: the DETAILS section includes additional information for reference, ongoing things you can do, and minor or optional recommendations.

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Your 10-cents is only useful

if it actually makes sense.

Simple website audit

The only reason to make technology inscrutable is to conceal how truly ordinary it can be.



Connect your audience to an aspirational narrative that motivates the team as well as end-users and is reflected in each department and practice area.

MadPipe codifies the organizational narrative–the brand story. That forms the basis of the implementation plan and strategic forecast. Contact MadPipe.


Assemble your Magnificent Seven, "A-Team", or Dirty Dozen. Each knows their job, keeps their head in the game, and does what they say when they say.

MadPipe assembles an optimal team around the plan and leads implementation in alignment with stakeholder goals and accountability for objective deliverables. Contact MadPipe.


No more business as usual. Align your firm end to end with brand goals, so the entire organization pursues outcomes that produce revenue or results.

MadPipe’s team produces the end-results the program requires. The plan and narrative are adjusted and the process continually refined as the group learns from actual execution. Contact MadPipe.

"Organizations succeed by producing a single brand narrative, carrying the same messages throughout the organization AND externally to the market. They fail when they don't produce an end-to-end experience." – Daniel DiGriz

Success is Seeing the Needle Move!

And everything else is codswallop.

Eyeballs on content (awareness of our brand)
New leads (engagement with our content)
Sold customers (revenue increase)

You can only improve

what you can prove.

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