The Website You're Building should support the sales you're planning.

"A website is a sales engine on a marketing platform." - Daniel DiGriz

Website Audit

You want a "SWaudit" before you've bought it.


Your website is OK, but it’s not winning awards in the form of audience engagement and steady leads.


You might need an overhaul, but you're guessing at what will help. You could hurt your search profile or throw out the baby with the bathwater.


Better audits add context: things to keep, opportunities to evolve, openings left by your competition, and strategies to maximize gains.


A website should be a lead engine that can sustain you through at least several years of thoughtful sales & marketing campaigns.

A website SWaudit™ is a detailed analysis of your website for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & competitor Threats. It utilizes UX, SEO, Content Strategy, and SWOT Analysis.


  • Our domain is well aged
  • Brand has high association with the industry
  • Customers / testimonials are enthusiastic
  • We have a lot of older content
  • We have a big email list fed by the site

See Interview Notes


  • Inconsistent branding
  • No ongoing program of fresh content
  • Some useless content & obsolete media
  • Content is often not useful to our end-users
  • Case studies reflect least profitable product line

See Analysis with Screenshots


  • Our competitors' content is typically generic
  • Their ongoing content strategy is visibly weak
  • They've dropped multiple balls on SEO
  • We have many unexploited case studies
  • We have a solid brand story to guide campaigns
  • Our UX is typically smoother that competitors
  • We have a content & campaign budget


  • Top 3 competitors have content program
  • Top 2 competitors have active on-page SEO
  • Top 1 competitor has aggressive off-page SEO
  • Top 3 competitors have aged content
  • Top 1 competitor has 900% more client assets

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Client Example

You know you need this.

Get a SWaudit for your site,

and build it right.

B2B website design in cornflower blue

"Done" counts because, while we have all the ideas, opportunity has moved on.

Project Delivery

When you're under the gun, get the website done.


Despite best intentions, projects that need consensus between internal stakeholders & third parties tends to go past schedule or over budget.


You could push onward, damn the roadblocks, but your wish list will get slimmer, balls will get dropped, and long-term goals will fall off the table.


MadPipe will direct the project, get everyone aligned around the goals of your collateral, and stay 3-steps ahead with science-based input on UX, SEO, & content strategy.


You can't compromise on a site that has internal support & nurtures prospects at each stage of the sales funnel—from ideation to negotiation.

With MadPipe, "done" is a constant refrain. With expert guidance, you'll know you're succeeding by feeling the increased collaboration, hearing growing consensus, and seeing steady incremental progress—but most of all, by putting things continually in the "done" column.



Server Setup

🕓Nov 15


Forms Setup

🕓Nov 15



Home Page Copy

🕓Oct 31


Site Map

🕓Oct 31


Home Page Layout

🕓Nov 1



Color Palette

🕓Oct 1


Font Set

🕓Oct 15


GoLive Plan

🕓Dec 31

Your project won't stall

if we've got the ball.

Website Branding B2B

Your brand is what people recognize about you, and then what they remember.


If you want to close, be at home in your clothes.


Your competition stand out, but it's more than a color—who isn’t using some shade of blue? You want to be as recognizable as FedEx, Cisco, 3M, or Caterpillar.


You’re too close to the brand to translate the intellectual message into emotional content. You neither want it to bog down in committee nor entrust it to a lone designer.


Let’s expand your color palette and font stack without losing the old, create a simple brand guide & templates, and nail the tag line, so everyone can FEEL what you stand for.


Your branding needs to reflect the company’s tone, look like a million bucks, stay consistent (vs. all over the map), and be as identifiable as the Green Bay Packers.

MadPipe is going to work with your internal team, your designer (if you have one), our designer if you don't and we need one (you might not!), and spin your brand into a better version of itself.

branding for website

They'll know your name

when you don't look the same.

b2b websites

Blah, blah, blah, blah. That's content without strategy.

Content Strategy

Fascinate and tantalize; don't boilerplate or patronize.


End-users decisions don't rest solely on product features or assorted details about a company. You need to tell an overall story. Visitors need to see themselves in that story.


You can assemble info and riff on what a visitor should hear, but you’re close enough to it that you risk leaving out the user journey through each stage of the sales funnel.


MadPipe plots out how differing visitors interact with your content from ideation to negotiation, taking into account how you get leads & how you WANT to get leads.


You want to account for users entering the content in different places from multiple sources and naturally introduce them to your fundamental sales argument.

From now on, you have the equivalent of a managing editor. MadPipe will blueprint your sitemap and content editorial structure, collaborating with your SMEs and anyone you have working content and design. Your website will get your audience into the boat, regardless of their point of entry.

Sitemap and Editorial for Web Developer

If you laid out your website

and other collateral like a magazine editor.

Website Content Editor - NYC

You’d act as though you HAVE to

keep people coming back every month.

They skip, skim, and jump around.

You'll be there when they turn around.

website user experience

Eliminate friction. The user's goal is what drives.

User Experience

When the user's goal drives, the company thrives.


Most websites are counterintuitive and follow design fads that are short-lived and outdated by the time they get implemented.


You could rely on just curb appeal, but that's only half the equation. You could mimic competitors, but then you’re not standing out.


MadPipe will advocate for the audience. Priority one is following the user's mental model. The result is a site that's intuitive and beautiful.


There are no dead ends or roadblocks allowed in the visitor's journey. Nothing may impede the company's story and sales argument.

Your message will bust through boredom, trounce gimmicks, and beat the snot out of bland competitors. You'll know it's working from analytics that reflect deeper engagement.

Web Designer Based in New York

Have you ever logged in,

To a tool or eCommerce site you’ve used for years—and they’ve updated the interface?

Website User Interface

It's cleaner and prettier,

There are new features, but what used to take one click now takes three.

Website UX/UI

And nothing is where you expect.

You can't find anything, and most of the items on the screen don't help you achieve your goal.

Put function first.

You'll answer their thirst.

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